As videographers it's our job to capture and edit your wedding day in to a timeless film that you will want to watch back for years to come. If you're looking for something specific not outlined below, feel free to get in contact and we can work on getting you the package you're after. 



Most popular:

-  Pre wedding consultation to go over your day and familiarise.

-  Full day coverage with one videographer. (10am - 10pm)

-  3 camera setup for ceremony & speeches.

-  One 5 - 7 minute Highlight Film.

-  One 30 minute Feature Film.

Wooden engraved USB & box / online gallery delivery.



Looking for more? Browse our Add - Ons below. 

Starting at: £1,300

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The Highlight Film is the creative edit, it's made to summarise your incredible day in around 4-6 minutes. I use audio from your ceremony and speeches along with music and our footage to create a video you will want to watch over and over. This can be shared on social media such as Facebook and Instagram for friends and family to see, comment on and share around.


The Full Day Feature film is a longer version in the same style as the Highlight Film, it is edited in chronological order showing the day as it happened. Every effort is made to include every aspect of the day, from bride and groom getting ready,  all the way to your auntie embarrassing herself on the dance floor! These films are usually around 30 minutes and edited to music.

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Second Shooter


A second shooter is great for helping capture things that would otherwise be impossible on my own such as the grooms reaction to the bride coming down the isle, guest reactions during speeches etc... More footage will be captured from the day as well, for instance one of us can film the guests and groom whilst the other films at bridal prep. Overall a good add-on to have!

Entire Ceremony & Speeches


Include your full ceremony and speeches in the Full Day feature.

Video Messages


Fancy having your friends and family leave you hilarious video recorded messages throughout the evening of your wedding? A operator will hand out a microphone to guests and hit record on the camera at a dedicated signed stand, so everything is done for you. As someone else is brought in to operate, I can continue to film through the evening.

Instagram Teaser


Want a video optimised for Instagram? We can create a 1 minute teaser of your wedding day made to work best on Instagram, you will be sent the video to upload on to your own account.

Can't find what you're looking for? We can tailor fit your needs and create a package from scratch to cater to what you want. Feel free to get in contact for a quote. 

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